US Secret Service – Field Investigative Reporting System

Web-based mapping application, with a built in case management system.  Agents create and maintain new cases along side historical ones and the system geographically references large amounts of data and integrate external data sources in order to identify crime patterns.


  • System represented a single entry point for crime analysis and case management.
  • Slider allows agents to see geographically how crime changes over a specified period of time

Technical Innovations:

  • Developed an automated geo-coding system capable of handling one billion records.
  • Integrated external web services in order to provide even more information
  • Created a custom tool which allowed agents to build and manage cases within a web-based mapping system.

Customer:  United States Secret Service – Criminal Investigative Division

User Community:  USSS – CID Agents

Technologies Used:  ArcGIS Server, C#.NET, ArcGIS Desktop, Python Scripting, MS SQL Server