United States Coast Guard


We provide geospatial visualization, tabular reporting, data analysis and filtering, and graphical displays for the Waterway Analysis and Management System (WAMS).


  • Geospatially enabled the Aids To Navigation (ATON) inventory database
  • Provided users with the ability to layer ATONS, Vessel Traffic Densities, Unit Areas of Responsibility (AORs)
  • Bridged geospatial, reporting, and analysis environments for a more flexible user experience.
  • Customized reporting and analysis capability was developed so that USCG NAVCEN could assess and extract information for incremental reporting
  • In depth analysis capability allowed users to investigate equipment failures more thoroughly, and identify patterns. This led to mitigation strategies to prevent similar failures in the future

Customer:  United States Coast Guard

User Community:  USCG NAVCEN

Technologies Used: ArcGIS, Google Earth, ASP.NET, MVC, Bootstrap Framework