NRL Terrasite Terrain Database and Camouflage Material Characterization (CMC) Database

Enterprise data management systems that provides the capability to design effective camouflage for a variety of target environments.  The TerraSite system manages the categorization of different environments and catalogs a wide range of data about that environment including imagery, weather conditions, and spectrometry. Users are able to search the TerraSite system for similarities between locations or for locations that match specific criteria.  The CMC manages information about products that exhibit certain attributes conducive to effective camouflage implementation for a specific environment.


  • The systems are in phase 2 development.

Technical Innovations: 

  • Zekiah leveraged new components such as the Microsoft PivotViewer and just-in-time collection compilers to provide dynamic access to vast amounts of imagery and advanced sorting capability.
  • The integration of celestial calculations and EXIF data extraction to the enterprise system will save users the tedious and slow process of looking up these values or manually calculating them for each of the thousands of images expected to be registered with the system.

Customer:  Naval Research Laboratory, Signature Technology Office

User Community:  Army, Special Operations Command

Technologies Used:  C#.NET, SQL Server, Silverlight, MVC framework