Northern Border Integration Demonstration (NBID)

NBID is a web based application that provides operational integration of border security in the Detroit Area of Operations.


  • Real-time and historical visualization of data from many sources in a single environment
  • Integration with mobile devices
  • Real-time video integration from various sources
  • Resource planning and visualization
  • Track potential drug and human trafficking activities

Technical Innovations: 

  • Allow agents in the field to submit vessel boarding information including photo and video from Android devices.
  • Asset Tracking: Include live tracking from various sources including mobile agents, radar, vessel tracking.
  • Live video integration from fixed and aerial cameras.
  • Remote workstations in areas with limited bandwidth.
  • Allow the scheduling of border patrols and visualization these patrols both in a timeline and spatially on the map.
  • Vessel tracking from encrypted sources.

Customer:  Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, Virginia

User Community:  Department of Homeland Security

Technologies Used:  SharePoint, Silverlight, SQL, WCF, REST, GIS, Android, C#, InfoPath