Global Synchronization Tool (GST)

Web-based application provides planning, analysis, and assessment collaboration and visualization tools for the strategic and operational joint assessment and planning communities.  Created to assist in the command planning and decision support process using the Joint Operational Planning Process as an underlying model.



  • Provides a flexible environment to enter and assess global, theater, and operational plans as defined by the command’s plans branch.
  • Enables metrics and survey based assessment synchronization and collaboration within and across commands.
  • Provides a consistent and flexible assessment methodology
  • Provides external tasking capability for both metrics and survey based assessments with automatic integration of assessment responses .
  • Geospatial visualization of assessments for briefing capability


  • Captures & organizes critical planning information to complete the planning, execution, and assessment cycles, including: Initiation, Mission Analysis, and COA Development

Analysis (offline)

  • Manages nodal, system, & nodal relationship data for further analysis and exploitation.
  • Visualization component provides hierarchical and relational data models for plan objectives, effects, nodes, actions, and resources.
  • Geospatial visualization component provides a view of nodal and relationship data across COCOM boundaries to identify gaps, seams, and opportunities for further exploitation.

Technical Innovations:

  • Custom Data Access and Business Object Layer to facilitate a consistent code reuse process
  • Auto generated geospatial PowerPoint assessment reports
  • Custom auditing and access control – by user, organization, and record
  • Custom report queue allows generation of reports “offline” while users may continue working. Queue notifies user on report completion.
  • External tasking capability leverages standard forms to collect information outside the tool from non system users and automatically reintegrate upon originator approval.

Customer:  JFCOM JECC

User Community:  Joint and Synchronization Assessment Communities, Joint Staff,  Functional Combatant Commands: SOCOM, STRATCOM, JFCOM;  Geographic Combatant Commands: EUCOM, AFRICOM , PACOM, SOUTHCOM, NORTHCOM, CENTCOM;  Services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force

Technologies Used: .NET Framework, ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, Prototype, ESRI ArcGIS and Adobe Flex (visualization), Aspose and Microsoft Deployment Compression (for reporting), Microsoft SQL Server, CLR, ExtJs, Microsoft Windows Server, IIS, Microsoft Enterprise Library