project-climascopeA web-based application that provides management, visualization, query and dissemination of geospatial climate change data.


  • Provides open access to featured maps, organized by type and presented using a convenient menu
  • Allows users to create accounts for more advanced access to the full data library via a query interface
  • Allows authenticated users to download data as images for use in publications or as data files for use in climate modeling software
  • Provides basic content administration functions to allow administrators to publish new maps and manage site text without additional web development
  • Provides tools to enable bulk upload & tagging of new data sets
  • Winner of the 2012 Large Organization Recognition Award (presented to World Wildlife Fund) in the World Bank Apps for Climate Competition

Technical Innovations: 

  • Custom Data Access Layer to facilitate consistent access to the GeoIQ library from .Net applications
  • Development of command-line utilities to enable bulk upload and tagging.
  • Automated map creation on with hosted GeoIQ library to reduce man-hours required for data/map preparation
  • Compiled command-line utilities on both Windows and Linux for use in the varied technical settings found across academia
  • Developed a consistent, automated tagging approach based on model data contents and file names to reduce human error in tagging and facilitate improved query results

Customer:  Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

User Community:  Climate change researchers worldwide, World Wildlife Fund, news media

Technologies Used:  .Net, ASP.Net MVC, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL Server, Windows Server, IIS, GeoIQ platform for geospatial data management and visualization, Mono