capricornioCapricornio is primarily a GIS viewer that is used to aid the Colombian Navy (COLNAV) in its drug interdiction operations by allowing analysis of their data within a geographic context. Capricornio also functions as a central repository for storing files related to user-definable geographic areas within the Colombian AOR.


  • Capricornio was used to aid in planning locations for polling stations in Colombia’s 2010 Presidential elections.
  • Capricornio has gained increased interest within the COLNAV community, and COLNAV has expressed its desire that project continue to be funded beyond its planned January 2011 end date. This desire continues to be expressed even while higher-profile and better-funded projects have been dismissed by the COLNAV.

Technical Innovations: 

  • Implemented a Adobe Flex solution for the various Capricornio modules, including the map viewer, file repository, and site administration.
  • Developed various custom Flex widgets to provide additional functionality, including the ability to save and load user-defined map configurations in SQL Server 2008 tables via ASP.NET web services.
  • Developed the system to allow the user to configure their own language preferences, either English or Spanish.
  • Integrated COLNAV request for enhanced site security by validating user credentials against COLNAV USB security dongles.