BLM Navigator

blmNavigator is the next-generation data-sharing site for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It enables access to and interaction with all publically-available data sets from the BLM. It provides download, mapping, and social media sharing capabilities.


  • Navigator helps BLM meet its open data and records retention requirements
  • Navigator integrates its data holdings with through the use of FGDC metadata standards
  • Navigator was built using a best-of-breed mix of open-source and commercial software

Technical Innovations: 

  • Implemented seamless workflow using W3C , OGC, and ISO standards to move data from behind the BLM firewall to public servers.
  • Developed using a responsive interface for appropriate experience on desktop or mobile devices.
  • Integrated with GeoServer Configuration API to automatically register new data sets with Web Mapping Services (WMS)
  • Enabled user-generated mapping and sharing via social media authentication and integration.
  • Implemented federated geospatial search using Voyager Search commercial product

Customer:  US Bureau of Land Management

User Community:  BLM data stewards, the public

Technologies Used: NodeJS, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Javascript, Voyager Search, GeoServer