Unquantifiable Benefits of Working for Zekiah Technologies

Zekiah Technologies is a small company, and it can be hard to make ourselves stand out from the crowd in the eyes of potential new employees. While salary, health benefits, and vacation days are incredibly important considerations for applicants, I’d like to take the time to  talk a little bit about the unquantifiable benefits of working with us: all those little things that can make a company a great place to work but never quite make it into the company description.

Good work location

The headquarters of Zekiah Technologies is in La Plata, MD, but most of our contracting work is done out of Dahlgren Naval Base in King George, VA.  Both Dahlgren and La Plata are on Route 301, a well maintained, two-lane highway that runs from the Richmond, VA area right through Maryland. Getting to work is so much less of a nightmare than it is for those commuting to Quantico or D.C.!A shorter commute allows our employees to spend time doing things they enjoy outside of work, like spending time with their families, being outdoors, and pursuing individual hobbies. We’ve actually written before about how having a shorter commute can save you money as well. Definitely worth a read!

Meetings with a purpose

Zekiah is primarily a government contractor and that generally puts us at the whims of our clients. We know that as a company our employees have to sit through plenty of long meetings, so we really try not to add to that load. We do like to get together though on a regular basis to do what we call Lunch Bunches.  Zekiah provides food and we all go over the status of the company, any recent highlights, and accomplish any company-wide trainings that are required.  It’s also a great time to socialize with our team.

New Opportunities

Zekiah was founded in 1999 and currently has over 25 team members.  While this is impressive (look at what we’ve accomplished!) we’ve recently decided to put a new company structure in place that will allow our employees to move smoothly through a promotional hierarchy. We have a new company president, and we’ve already been granted several new contracts! These contracts have created new positions, and the new company structure is in place to help retain and promote those employees.

Flexible Schedule

As previously mentioned, many of our client-site employees work their schedule around the client’s needs. There’s usually some wiggle room: most of our employees choose to come in early and leave the office earlier than the standard 9-5 schedule.Generally speaking an employee doesn’t need to schedule time off for doctor’s appointments, etc. We can work a few extra hours during the rest of the week to make up the time. Zekiah knows that life is unpredictable and we do our best not to add unnecessary complications.

Really nice, down-to-earth, competent co-workers

As trite as it sounds, the reason Zekiah has been so successful while staying so small is because of the people who work here. We have a high employee retention rate, and I think it comes down to this: we treat each other as intelligent, capable individuals who are all working together for a common goal.I’ve been working for Zekiah since May of 2017. The people here are by far the best part of my job, and there’s a lot to like about Zekiah. In fact, I like it so much that I try to get anyone who sort-of has related professional skills to apply. My supervisors have helped me grow my technical skills while also valuing and utilizing my strengths.Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed in this company. Because we’re small it’s easy to see how hard everyone works, which goes for upper management as well. There’s a spirit of “we’re in this together” here that is actually very energizing.Many companies claim to have the best people, and maybe that’s true, but there’s only one way you’re going to find out: contact Zekiah and come in to meet with us.