The Mutual Benefits of Internships

As summer comes to an end, and we say farewell to our interns (read about Zachary and Jack and William and Kim), it’s important to note the benefits to both employers and job seekers of the internship experience. Zekiah is a company that proudly supports the local workforce. We believe that by training the next generation of workers and leaders, we can help create a qualified workforce. Zekiah accomplishes this through creating meaningful internship programs.

To the outside eye, it may seem like internships only benefit the intern. It’s obvious that they can add a few lines to their resume, snag a handy reference, or get college credit. However, by participating in internship programs, the companies benefit just as much as the intern. The two develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Interns develop a firm foundation for their future careers.

A well-done internship gives young people an environment where they can learn about the workforce in a positive and meaningful way. Jack Miller said, “My internship at Zekiah has been a tremendous experience and will help accomplish my plans for the future.” Setting realistic expectations of the workplace environment, how new talent fits in, and what requirements a company is likely to have for new employees is an invaluable experience that will help these interns adapt and succeed in their careers.

Interns also learn real-world applications of their studies, and the chance to expand upon their academic knowledge. As Zekiah’s very own intern, Zachary Johnson, can attest, “My time at Zekiah has been, in a word, invaluable. I learned a lot, but the most valuable thing I’ve learned while here is the importance of on-the-job learning. […] This is especially important in software and computer industries, where there are so many tools and platforms that it’s impossible to know them all.” Learning opportunities like this are crucial, especially in a technological field. 

Immersive work experiences also provide interns with more viable career options earlier in their job hunt. The hiring process is very intimidating, especially for recent college graduates. However, completing an internship can give applicants an inside edge and lead to a more prosperous job hunt. 

If an intern is seen as a good fit for a company, it is likely that the internship could transition into a permanent position. Even if the company doesn’t have any open positions available, those who interned are more likely to find a job sooner.

According to, candidates that have internships in their resume are more appealing to employers. A successful intern leaves their internship with valuable connections and positive references that will continue to benefit them past their initial job search.

Companies receive employees with fresh perspectives.

Interns aren’t the only ones who gain from these experiences. Both the company and its employees benefit from the energy that interns bring to the workplace. Being that most interns are either in school or recently graduated, they bring fresh perspectives that are up to date with any potential advancements in the field. The employees that oversee these interns are provided with new insights on topics that may have become mundane to them. 

Interns can also be tasked with special projects that will benefit the company in the long run. Interns provide businesses with employees who work quickly, desire to learn and grow, and are eager to take on any assignment. This makes them ideal candidates for projects or research that a company has wanted to take on, but full-time employees haven’t been able to devote their time to.

The relationship between an intern and a company doesn’t end when the internship does. By providing interns with a positive environment and quality role models, a sense of company loyalty is developed. Even if the intern doesn’t become a full-time employee, they now have a networking connection to the business and employees.

This may benefit the company through the intern recommending the company to future employees or by referring other businesses as new clients. While the internship may only last a few months, the relationship lasts a lifetime (so businesses: treat your interns well, and interns: put your best effort forth).

As a corporation that values innovation, our interns are crucial to the further development of Zekiah. Time and time again, our interns have impressed us with the dedication and pride shown in their work. Thank you to our wonderful interns for a fantastic summer. We here at Zekiah wish you luck in the upcoming year and know that you all will achieve great things. And lastly, keep in touch!