Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA): Advocates for a Better Future for All of Our Service Members

Zekiah met with AFSA leadership earlier this year to learn more about each other’s missions and renew our long-standing relationship. AFSA’s mission, vision, and core values resonate strongly with Zekiah and we’re happy to help them reach as wide of an audience as possible to support our service members.

Master Sgt. Paul Grugin, left, chats with Master Sgt. Maurice Osborne about issues necessary for discussion at an upcoming AFSA meeting
Master Sgt. Paul Grugin, left, chats with Master Sgt. Maurice Osborne about issues necessary for discussion at an upcoming AFSA meeting. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Lindsey A. Beadle)


To advocate improved quality-of-life and economic fairness to support the well-being of our enlisted members and their families.


To be the premier professional military and veteran service organization of choice for the enlisted corps and their families.

Core Values

Integrity, Patriotism, Service, and Fraternalism

AFSA: Not Just for Air Force

AFSA’s name can be a little misleading; AFSA is not only for Air Force personnel. Rather, as stated in their mission statement above, AFSA is for the benefit of all service members. This includes active duty, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Public Health Services (PHS), spouses and families, and even JROTC and DoD civilians who support the armed services. The full list of who is eligible to join can be found at AFSA’s Membership Information page.


In addition to advocating and educating elected, military, and community members, AFSA also offers a host of benefits to its members. A few of the benefits to members include:

  • AFSA Insurance
  • USAA Auto and Banking
  • Scholarships
  • Student Loan Assistance
  • Transition Support and Services
  • And a slew of helpful educational resources across subjects such as Financial Literacy, places that offer Military Discounts, PTSD, Suicide Prevention, Mentor Programs, Legislative Key Issues, and more!

They are even currently offering a fantastic benefit in the form of a FREE One-Course Scholarship, worth over $700, at Columbia Southern University (CSU). That alone makes the cost of membership worth it.


Speaking of cost…how much is it? It must be expensive to join, right, with benefits like that! Not at all! The cost of a one-year membership is just $36 (as of the publish date of this article) and they offer discounts for two-year and three-year options. They even offer Life Memberships at additional savings and further discounts based on age. You can join AFSA yourself, but also consider giving the gift of an AFSA membership to family or friends. A $36 membership could pay dividends in the form of the varied resources AFSA offers; it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

AFSA Magazine

Another great AFSA offering is AFSA Magazine. The magazine, published quarterly, “is AFSA’s premier publication and is used to inform members, congressional representatives, Department of Defense and Veterans Administration officials, and the public about the issues, topics, events, and actions affecting Air Force enlisted members and their families.”1 You can keep up-to-date on current legislative efforts, member activities, and special feature stories. AFSA featured a Zekiah article in their Spring 2020 issue. Our article, which explains the many benefits of hiring veterans, can be found on page 28 of the issue. Veterans offer the world of government contracting a lot of value-added skills and experience. If you, or someone you know, is a veteran looking for new employment opportunities, please read the article to find some valuable tips on how to view your military experience as strengths and market yourself to government contractors.

Are you an AFSA member? We’d love to hear how AFSA has benefited you! Drop us a line at

1 Air Force Sergeants Association. “AFSA MAGAZINE” AFSA, 08 August 2020.

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