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SeaPort Next Generation (SeaPort-NxG) is the Navy’s electronic platform for acquiring services for two broad functional areas – Engineering Support Services and Program Management Support Services. SeaPort-NxG provides an efficient and effective means of contracting for professional support services and enhancing small business participation.

Customized solutions are developed using an interdisciplinary approach that integrates business, design, and technology across all stages of planning and development, delivering strategic insights that redefine how organizations collect, manage, and utilize data. Zekiah Technologies is capable of providing all aspects of the software engineering lifecycle. The combination of business management and software development experience enables Zekiah Technologies to provide insights and efficiencies from both areas that are carried throughout development — from understanding the issues and concept, dependencies and interdependencies; to outlining user requirements and design specifications; to data modeling, computer-human interface design, programming; to testing and implementation; and lastly life-cycle management and maintenance.

Team Members

Our team is composed of both large and small businesses with a history of delivering excellent performance and customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing the highest quality services.

Aerotek, Inc. (Sub)
Applied Technology, Inc. (Prime)
AUSGAR Technologies, Inc (Prime)
Alytic, Inc. (Prime & Sub)
Ardent Management Consulting, Inc. (Sub)
Booz Allen Hamilton (Prime & Sub)
Bowhead Science and Technology LLC (Sub)
Cosmic AES (Sub)
DCS (Prime)
Dewberry & Davis LLC
Esri, Inc. (Prime & Sub)
Envisioneering (Prime)
Facchina Global Services, LLC (Prime)
Global Technology and Management Resources (Prime)
Greenfield Engineering Corporation (Sub)
Imagine One Technology and Management LTD (Prime)
IntelliWare Systems, Inc. (Sub)
Interoptek, Inc. (Prime)
iO Technologies (Sub)
J.F. Taylor, Inc. (Prime)
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc. (Prime)
KCI Technologies, Inc. (Sub)
Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems, Inc. (Prime)
M2 Technologies, Inc. (Prime & Sub)
MIL Corporation; The  (Prime)
Nuclear Security Services Corp (Sub)
PBS&J (Sub)
Problem Solutions LLC (Sub)
QinetiQ North America, Inc. Services and Solutions (Sub)
Resource Management Concepts (Prime & Sub)
Science Applications International Corp. (Prime)
SimVentions (Prime & Sub)
Solutions Development Corporation (Prime)
Southeastern Computer Consultants, Inc. (Prime)
Subsystem Technologies, Inc. (Sub)
TASC, Inc. (subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corp.) (Sub)
Tech Wizards, Inc. (Prime)
Technology Service (Sub)
URS Federal Technical Services, Inc. (Prime & Sub)
Wilson & Company, Inc. (Sub)
Wyle Laboratories, Inc. (Sub)

Quality Assurance

Zekiah’s quality control system has four parts – internal documentation, research and development, enhanced communication with the client, and adopting standards of coding and procedures.

Zekiah has developed a comprehensive in-house tracking system that tracks hours and dollars expended for each employee and contract, hours and dollars still remaining on the contract, other direct costs (ODC’s), and contractual changes. This report is updated with every time period and shared with the Zekiah project managers so they can address any financial concerns on a timely basis. All travel requires travel authorization in advance to ensure that contractual, security, and financial requirements are met. Zekiah also maintains a web-based timesheet system that employees can access anywhere there is a web connection. This system encourages accurate daily entry of timekeeping and the setup of the system ensures that hours are allocated to the correct contract.

Quality is also assured because the findings of our research and development and the lessons learned from current projects are documented in our in-house intranet system.

Regularly scheduled meetings with staff and clients, in addition to written correspondence, ensure that any problems that do arise are quickly and effectively resolved. A documented standard for coding and procedures is also in place. Because Zekiah staff is frequently an integrated part of our client work environment, we adopt our clients’ standards, and those standards become part of our contract documentation.

Point of Contact

Your satisfaction with the services provided under the Seaport – NxG contract is very important to Zekiah and it’s partners.

Contract Administration –
Jule Thorne
Senior Contracts Administrator

Customer Satisfaction –
Steve Bowling

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