Zekiah Zombies: Trunk-or-Treating at Caledon State Park

Several Zekiah team members attended Caledon State Park’s annual Trunk-or-Treat Halloween event on October 26th. A trunk or treat is an event where adults decorate the back of their cars for Halloween, bring loads of candy, and park in a parking lot for kids to “trick or treat”. This event is a blast for all involved.

For the adults:

  • Show off your creativity and compete for the coveted Best Trunk Award
  • See hundreds of trick or treaters in one place
  • Event usually lasts for / limited to 2 or so hours
  • People who don’t live in neighborhoods, live in neighborhoods without many youngsters, or in remote or farm settings are able to enjoy the festivities!

For the kids:

  • Cars are lined up next to each other making it much easier for youngsters with little legs and limited energy to visit lots of trunks
  • Since each trunk has a theme there is a good mix of the fun and the scary
  • Local fire companies often participate – bringing ambulances and firetrucks and allowing kids to get inside and play with the lights
  • Great opportunity for kids who live in remote areas or large subdivisions where they may not be able to walk to many houses to trick or treat
  • It’s common for mom and dad to dress up too! Family themes are especially fun – we saw the cutest “Aladdin” family with a little tyke dressed up as Abu the monkey!

This is another event Zekiah was happy to participate in – and one we look forward to next year! If Caledon’s event next year doesn’t match up with your schedule / location – look around – there are usually multiple Trunk-or-Treats going on in each county and all of them rely on the participation of people like you!

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