Zekiah Technologies Offers Arc2Earth Subscriptions via GSA Schedule

Zekiah Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of Arc2Earth subscriptions via their GSA schedule. Arc2Earth subscriptions provide ArcGIS for Desktop users with the ability to use a wide array of hosted GIS platforms. In addition to ArcGIS Online for Organizations, users can also use Arc2Earth to access Google Maps Engine, CartoDB, and OpenStreetMap, among many others. Arc2Earth also enables multi-user collaboration on file-based data sources through interfaces with DropBox and Google Drive.

Additionally, Arc2Earth subscriptions also provide access to worldwide Google Maps coverage, enabling ArcGIS users design, print and export maps using Google Maps directly from their ArcGIS desktop.

Arc2Earth features TileMill Connect, which enables sharing of cartography between ArcGIS and TileMill and allows ArcGIS users to create map tiles and publish directly to their MapBox account. Finally, field data collection workflows are also streamlined with Arc2Earth’s integration with the unique smartphone and tablet-based collection system, Fulcrum.

Contact Zekiah (contact@zekiah.com) (301.392.3788) today for more information or inquire about purchasing Arc2Earth through GSA, or purchase directly from GSA Advantage. For more information, you can follow Zekiah on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.