Zekiah Technologies, Inc. Accepted into ESRI Business Partner Program

Zekiah Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce it has been accepted by Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) into the ESRI Business Partner Program as an Authorized Consultant. Zekiah Technologies is a small technical consulting company based in La Plata, Maryland. It provides information technology consulting services to federal customers in the defense and civil markets as well as commercial and local clients. ESRI is the world’s leading vendor of geographic information systems (GIS) software and solutions.

Zekiah Technologies specializes in integrating GIS into traditional information technology architectures by introducing tools that capitalize on the inherent spatial characteristics of data used by an organization. Bill Dollins, vice president of Zekiah’s GIS Integration business unit says “GIS introduces tools which allow new types of analysis which are not possible in traditional relational or object-oriented environments. Our relationship with ESRI will enhance our ability to deliver world-class GIS products and services as part of our overall integration support strategy.”

Mr. Dollins believes Zekiah’s acceptance as an ESRI Business Partner will enhance their ability to service the emerging homeland security requirements of the federal sector. “Homeland security will require greater cooperation between civilian, military, local and private sector organizations. The Defense Department in particular will need to begin moving away from its traditional base of proprietary applications and data formats and adopt established or de facto industry standards. The Business Partner Program puts us in an ideal position to help our clients make that transition.” he says.