Zekiah Navigates Virtual Internship with Summer Intern Tammy Dam

Zekiah Technologies, Inc. is pleased to welcome Summer Intern Tammy Dam to the team. Zekiah typically hosts a robust summer internship program but things are a little different this year. The summer of 2019 marked our most successful year with a record four interns across multiple fields. One of which even found a permanent home with us after being hired in September at the close of the internship. 2020 brought us a new set of challenges to create a virtual internship program that builds valuable skills and allows for appropriate mentoring while also observing COVID 2019 guidelines for health and safety. Since this is a new program, we were only able to bring on one intern this year to launch the new learning style and we’re happy to announce that intern is Tammy Dam!

Tammy is a Silver Spring, MD native and currently attends the University of  Maryland (UMD), College Park Campus. She recently completed her Junior year amid COVID distance learning and will be returning to UMD in the fall to complete her major in Information Science with a minor in Business. In her spare time, Tammy has a variety of hobbies and interests such as running, road trips, reading, movies, and games of all kinds (board games, video games, card game, and more!) She also enjoys trying her hand at new pastry recipes she finds online and many of us are disappointed that due to the virtual internship she won’t be bringing those goodies into the office to share!

In addition to her coursework and her Zekiah internship, Tammy also likes to challenge herself with self-paced online research and learning new software and programming languages. She certainly did her research on Zekiah when she applied earlier this year and shared the following sentiment with us “Zekiah aims to continually design solutions to help address problems at the intersection of people, information, and technology. I am excited to help them with their ambitious solutions while working in such an encouraging and welcoming environment!” We’re excited too, and so happy to build a new internship program with Tammy despite current challenges. Welcome aboard Tammy!

Zekiah Technologies is a small business headquartered in La Plata, MD committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients through innovation and the ingenuity of our technical solutions in the fields of software development, systems engineering, geospatial technologies, and training.