Zekiah: Learning and Growing

As the saying goes “If you’re not learning, you’re not growing”. Our team had the opportunity to grow this week during our Lunch Bunch. These gatherings provide a great opportunity for our staff to share ideas and socialize with colleagues over lunch. Zekiah holds Lunch Bunches regularly to promote learning, introduce our growing staff, and keep employees up to date on the best way to support our customers.

At Zekiah, we take pride in our ability to solve our customers’ challenges with technology. We thrive on taking complex, tedious procedures and applying technology to streamline or improve them. This allows our customers to save time and money while providing a more predictable, consistent, and accurate output. 

Christian Zumstein presenting on a cached map service in ArcGIS using OpenStreetMap Data

The Zekiah team had the privilege of learning about two efforts recently developed by a couple of our brightest experts. Christian Zumstein briefed a solution he provided our customer on developing a cached map service in ArcGIS using OpenStreetMap Data. Christian’s solution offered our customer a customized basemap enabling additional layers to be displayed dynamically.

Eric Mahaffey followed Christian with a presentation on a tool he developed to automate the process of updating wildfire data within an application he and his team have developed for one of our clients. The customer’s staff had previously been spending in excess of 4 hours to perform a single data refresh. This process was also prone to human error causing inconsistencies in the output results. Eric’s tool completely automated the process allowing our customer to devote their time to other efforts. We appreciate the knowledge shared by both Christian and Eric.

Eric Mahaffey presenting on a wildfire data application