Zekiah Awarded Geospatial Services Contract With US Department of Homeland Security

Zekiah Technologies, Inc. announced today the award of a Geospatial Services and Support contract by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to perform geospatial analysis and product development for the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) Geospatial Support Team (GST). The total value of the contract is $5,618,312.99 over a three-year period.

“This contract expands on our core capability of supporting infrastructure protection,” said Zekiah CEO Brianna Bowling. “Zekiah has been providing geospatial solutions in the infrastructure protection arena since the late 1990s and this contract is an important part of our continued growth in this area. DHS IP performs important work daily and we are honored to be able to support their mission.”

Under this contract, Zekiah will provide several analysts to perform all-hazards geospatial analysis, producing static and interactive cartographic and data products such as map books, presentations and/or web maps for long-term, deliberate planning, and time-sensitive tasks. As the prime contractor, Zekiah teamed with Booz Allen Hamilton to bring a proven relationship to DHS.

Bill Dollins, Zekiah Senior Vice President, said “Through our current teaming arrangements supporting the Mission Assurance Division in Dahlgren, Virginia and the HIFLD working group, Zekiah and Booz Allen have built a strong capability in applying geospatial technologies to infrastructure protection. We are excited to be able to bring our capabilities to bear in support of DHS IP.”