Zekiah Assists with Classroom Virtual Reality Project

Zekiah recently helped fund a 3D Virtual Reality classroom project help students at La Plata High School explore the connections between geometry and the real world. 

Mr. Andrews, who taught geometry at LPHS, asked for funds through the site www.donorschoose.org.   The site lets the community financially support classroom projects proposed by teachers.  Mr. Andrews wrote, “My school’s students come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. .. Although our students come from diverse backgrounds , they include some of the best, brightest, and most successful students in the area. Our students demonstrate these qualities every day. However, our students have difficulty applying classroom instruction to real-world scenarios. It is my hopes to bring more real-world connections to my school’s students through modern technology.”

With the glasses students were able to go on virtual field trips and apply geometric concepts to real-world historical locations.   They used a clinometer to calculate angles at the locations and apply indirect measurement methods to calculate heights and distances.

Brianna Bowling, President of Zekiah Technologies, said, “We are grateful to be able to provide tools to teachers like Mr. Andrews.   I remember as a kid asking how the skills we were learning in the classroom would matter in ‘real life’.   Allowing students to understand that connection first hand in the classroom is invaluable to encouraging them in their studies and highlighting potential career paths.  We hope that one day Mr. Andrew’s students will be Zekiah employees.”