Zachary Johnson Joins Zekiah’s Software Development Team

Zekiah Technologies, Inc. is pleased to welcome Zachary Johnson to our software development team! This name may already be familiar to our followers since Zach interned with us both last summer and this summer. Upon completion of his degree from the University of Mary Washington in May and the Zekiah Technologies Controls System (ZTCS) internship this summer, we were excited to offer him a full time permanent position.

During Zach’s 2018 internship he wrote our insights piece “Why work at Zekiah Technologies?

We introduced Zach for the 2019 internship in our company news piece “Zekiah Welcomes our Summer Interns, Pt. 1!

Zach was also quoted in our August insights piece “The Mutual Benefits of Internships

Zach shared the following sentiments when interviewed at the internship’s close.

“I think what I am going to miss the most from this internship is the feeling of constantly working toward a tangible goal. Our project is going to have a physical deliverable at the end of it, and I think that knowing or at least having an idea of what exactly I’m helping to build, and seeing how it may have real-world applications is a massive motivator. But once the internship is over, that feeling is going to go away for a while.

My future goals are pretty generic: I’d like to get a job in a field I enjoy, probably software engineering or data science, and live well with a fulfilling job as well as time for myself. […] I’d like to thank Zekiah for this opportunity, I’m going to take the tools and technical skills I’ve learned with me to whatever projects I am a part of in the future, but the mindset of constant learning will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

We are proud to be able to keep Zach’s talent, drive, and ingenuity here at Zekiah, and put it to good use supporting our clients. His feeling of excitement at seeing the real-world results of his efforts will not be diminished, as he feared, but rather focused onto a new effort. Zach has already accomplished his above goal, and we look forward to helping him set new goals in the future.

At Zekiah, we believe in being active participants in the development of the future workforce. The relationships we develop through our internship opportunities are just one more piece of our Zekiah family and company culture. This family in turn provides the superior service and client support for which we are known. Zekiah has several success stories of interns and junior staff we mentored into accomplished developers and engineers and we’re committed to Zach’s journey. Welcome aboard Zach!

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