WeoGeo Products Available on GSA Through Zekiah Technologies

Zekiah Technologies announces the availability of the open beta of WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS. Developed by Zekiah in partnership with WeoGeo, Inc. , WeoGeo Tools is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop that allows users to browse, customize and order geospatial data from WeoGeo Market or hosted libraries.

WeoGeo’s product line is available for purchase through Zekiah’s GSA schedule. Organizations that are authorized to purchase via GSA now have access to WeoGeo’s hosted services as well as the WeoGeo appliance through this convenient procurement channel.

Bill Dollins, Senior Vice President at Zekiah, said “We are excited to expand our partnership with WeoGeo by making their products available through our GSA schedule. WeoGeo’s spatial content management capabilities offer unique benefits to organizations at all levels of government and the GSA schedule will streamline the ability of those organizations to procure WeoGeo products and begin realizing those benefits.”

“We’re pleased to be working with Zekiah to bring fast and easy content management to the GSA community. Our platform enables government organizations to rapidly find and use their data with very little overhead or cost. Zekiah’s knowledge of government sector data management and sharing requirements make them a great partner for us,” said Paul Bissett, CEO and Co-Founder of WeoGeo.

About Zekiah

Headquartered in La Plata, Maryland, Zekiah Technologies, Inc. is a small business specializing in innovative approaches to create software solutions. Built on a foundation of commercial application and government systems experience, Zekiah Technologies provides a full range of software development and geospatial services.

About WeoGeo

WeoGeo is the leading provider of on-demand content management and marketplace services for the spatial data industry. Anyone who considers “place” a part of their value-added information stream can now rapidly store, search, transform, and share their professional mapping, demographic, GIS, CAD, or other spatially aware digital content. WeoGeo provides scalable storage, indexing, and hosting solutions for an organization’s valuable digital files under a flexible payment plan that dramatically reduces IT infrastructure costs. Their Software-as-a-Service solutions expand the reach and productivity of small and large enterprises as they seek to share and monetize their digital geo-assets. For more information visit: http://www.WeoGeo.com