Welcome to the Zekiah Technologies Blog

logo_square-353x353Welcome to the official Zekiah Technologies blog. A few weeks ago, we rolled out a new company web site based on the open-source content management system (CMS), Drupal. That was long overdue. The internet Wayback Machine’s earliest archive of our previous site is dated 22 July, 2002. That’s a long time for the same site design to be active.

Zekiah and technology have changed drastically during that time and our site is something of a metaphor for that change. The previous version was designed using custom-built ASP that mostly had to be updated manually. There was some use of custom Javascript and more use of server-side scripting for the content that wasn’t static. Since then, we’ve seen the coining of the term “AJAX” and the advent of open-source Javascript libraries such as jQuery and the rise of CMS tools like Drupal and SharePoint. Zekiah’s been right there in the thick of things working with all of it and more to help our customers be productive. You just didn’t really get a good picture of that from our site.

Zekiah has changed a lot during that time as well. When our previous site was first rolled out, we still operated out of the basement of our founder, Brianna Bowling’s, house. We had less than a third of the staff we do now and were doing most of our work as a subcontractor. Today, we have offices and/or personnel in Maryland, Virginia, Colorado and Mississippi. Our staff, which is the heart of Zekiah, has grown in number and has a varied set of skills and we have established ourselves as a prime contractor with a solid track record with the US Navy and other government agencies in addition to a growing list of commercial partners.

That’s a lot of change and growth and we are excited about it, which brings me back to this blog. We wanted to attach a company blog to the new site to begin telling the Zekiah story. To that end, the content of this blog will come from our staff. It won’t merely be an avenue for press releases since we have a place for those already. Here, we’ll talk about the tools and technologies that we’re working with. Topics will range from technical discussions of particularly challenging solutions we have implemented, discussions of issues related to the business of consulting and Federal contracting, project overviews and anything else.

The first technical post will be up in a few days. It will be authored by Sky, one of our Senior Associates, and he’ll be discussing how he integrated SharpMap with the Esri ArcGIS API for Silverlight for one of our customers. It’s a perfect example of the kind of system integration we do for our customers every day. We’ve already got topic ideas coming in from across the company so there will be new posts regularly.

There are two very easy ways to stay on top of our blog: 1) You can subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed or 2) You can follow us on Twitter, where a link to each new post will be tweeted.

So that’s it. We’re excited to get this off the ground. If you have any questions about Zekiah, the work we do, this blog or how to work with us, please e-mail us at contact@zekiah.com.


Bill Dollins

Senior Vice President