Crystal Thompson Joins Zekiah’s Software Development Team

Zekiah Technologies is pleased to announce that Crystal Thompson has joined our team of Software Developers. Ms. Thompson was a military brat and experienced growing up in many locations during her mother’s 20 years of service. While the civilian world may still find the term “brat” unseemly, as government contractors we at Zekiah know the term to be one of endearment and respect, and are excited to utilize the nimble mindset made possible by her diversified upbringing.

Ms. Thompson has a strong background in graphic design and Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) but she shifted her focus to software development when she realized what a demand there is in the field and the exciting opportunities emerging in the technology sector. Ms. Thompson graduated from Strayer University with a BS in Information Technology with a focus on Web Development and says “I chose this so I could use my creative side in the tech field.”

We are looking forward to utilizing Ms. Thompson on Zekiah’s project in support of the US Coast Guard. Her supervisor, Eric Mahaffey, said, “We’re excited to be adding another creative and talented member to our USCG support team. Crystal brings the experience and ambition that will be a perfect fit for the requirements we’ve been asked to support. Welcome aboard Crystal!”

Zekiah Technologies is a small business headquartered in La Plata, MD committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients through innovation and the ingenuity of our technical solutions in the fields of software development, systems engineering, geospatial technologies, and training.