Web Hosting Considerations

When setting up a website, one of the largest hurdles is deciding on a host site. Much time is spent deciding on pricing and the amount of resources that will be required, and this will be a quick walk through of the process. The first thing to take into consideration is any special needs your […]

Drupal 6: Creating a Blog Archive and Topics Menu in Views

Once you begin to get some age on your blog, it can be helpful to create a side menu block to help users find posts by either date or topic. The first part of this post will deal with creating a side menu block sorted by month and year. The second part will deal with […]

Implementing a Lightweight Google-Like Search Using .Net

One of the requirements for my current project was to implement searching capabilities that were “Google-like”.  When I heard this, I immediately thought about solr, which some colleagues have recommended as an enterprise search engine. And it does look good. However, after reading the description, I realized that this wasn’t a good fit for my […]

Implementing Data Encryption With Symmetric Keys in Microsoft SQL Server

Starting with the 2005 version, Microsoft SQL Server has included new encryption capabilities that all administrators, programmers and database analyst should be aware of. Since then SQL Server has been able to natively support both hashing and encryption. When planning your encryption or hashing solution, first you need to decide if you will be storing […]

Integrating SharpMap with the Esri ArcGIS API for Silverlight

Note: The project described in this post also makes use of ArcGIS Server. If you intend to use the Esri ArcGIS API for Silverlight/WPF without ArcGIS Server, you should review the license agreement. If you have spent much time with the Esri ArcGIS API for Silverlight, you know it provides a lot of capabilities and […]