Why It Makes Financial Sense to Work Local

I recently offered a job candidate a position where he could work about twenty minutes from his house rather than the hour and half he was commuting currently.  The daily work was similar as his current job and I was able to offer him $65,000 per year which was a significant increase from his current […]

Four Principles of Small Business Teaming

As a small professional services company, Zekiah is constantly evaluating opportunities and making decisions about how to approach and/or respond to those opportunities. One of the most important decisions that can be made as part of the bid/no-bid process is teaming. For small businesses, teaming can be the life blood of business development and building […]

Core Values of Management

Over the years of owning and managing Zekiah I’ve narrowed the core values of my management down to three main concepts. The core values apply whether I am managing an individual, a team, a project or my entire company. They are discipline, affirmation and tools. Let me explain…

Developing Rates for Government Contracts, Part 2

Welcome back for Part II! Last post we discussed the various type of contracts (Firm Fixed Price, Time & Materials, and Cost Plus Fixed Fee) and started to get into what we call indirect cost “pools” – Fringe, Overhead and General & Administrative. For this post, we will delve a bit further into what makes […]

Developing Rates for Government Contracts, Part 1

Zekiah has been working in the complicated government contracting world for over a decade as a small business. In that time, we have been asked many times by other companies, most of the time new starts ups but sometimes established companies much larger than us, how to develop indirect rates for Cost Plus Fixed Fee […]