Clean the Bay Day with Zekiah Technologies

Earlier this month, Zekiah Technologies ventured to nearby King George’s Caledon State Park for Clean the Bay Day. This state-wide day of volunteering, organized by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, has happened on the first Saturday of every June since 1989, with litter and debris pick-up happening in many of Virginia’s riverside and bayside parks. Organizers […]

Waterway Harmonization

The Waterway Harmonization Project streamlines precise communication between maritime agencies as well as facilitate communications between the government and the public.

The USCG Waterway Harmonization Project: A Summary

At its core, the Waterway Harmonization Project is a communication tool. Most everyone knows the annoyance of navigating by GPS, especially in areas you already know: it calls named streets by the county road number, or mispronounces what should be common street names. These little glitches are bemusing, but don’t actually impede navigation—imagine how difficult […]

Our Thanks to Our Service Members During Military Appreciation Month

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, Zekiah Technologies would like to take a moment to thank the service men and women who have fought to uphold our citizens’ rights and luxuries. If you have a service member in your life or see one as you go about your day this month, a thank you or […]

Drupal 9: Importing Documents in Bulk to a Media Entity

I had over 400 historical PDF documents I needed to import and display on the front end in a table view. The table needed to include multiple columns for fields such as title, file name and date, and be sortable and searchable. In order for Drupal to recognize the files and allow me to create […]