The PIM Constraint, Improving Geospatial Database Integrity

The PIM now contains sets of features (the pimFeature) grouped into sets (the pimConfiguration) with properties and referencing sets of attributes (the pimAttribute). For may GIS solutions, this is all that is required for collecting, validating, and displaying geospatial data. But the PIM also contains the ability to constrain attribute values in a variety of […]

Introduction to PIM Attributes

A quick review of the pimConfiguration to the pimFeature shows…

The PIM Feature, Introduction and Application in GIS

In a previous post, we discussed the meaning of the pimConfiguration as a collection of elements in the Platform Independent Model (PIM). One of those elements (in fact, the most important geospatial one) is the pimFeature. The pimFeature is that table/object that defines the geometric object that gets displayed on the map, sometimes called the […]