Exploring the PIM: Versions and Users

This post will begin to introduce PIM and PIM API organization. The PIM API is coupled with the tables and views in the PIM based on the rule set discussed in the previous post. The fundamental object (and table) in the PIM API and the PIM is the pimVersion. Each element in the PIM and […]

Understanding Geospatial Data Rules in the Platform Independent Model (PIM)

This post continues a series describing our approach to using a platform-independent approach to managing data models and standards. In any situation where a geospatial data model is agreed upon and adopted by multiple participants, management of the model itself becomes a significant issue. Over time, modifications to the model are required. Such modification can […]

Applying Flexible, Yet Standard, Geospatial Conventions

Previous posts have touched the problems that traditionally face those wanting some geospatial consistency in data collection, data presentation, and data understanding. These issues drive much of the continual interest and push for increased Metadata and many of the “Use Liability” clauses that are attached to current datasets. After all, if you don’t really know […]