Exporting ESRI Silverlight Graphic Layer to Google Earth

On my current project I was tasked with exporting our map layers to Google Earth. This was simple for the ESRI ArcGIS Server layers, since Server has out-of-the-box support for KML. However, as would be the case, we don’t use ArcGIS Server for all of our layers. We also use ESRI Graphic Layers for rendering […]

WeoGeo Products Available on GSA Through Zekiah Technologies

Zekiah Technologies announces the availability of the open beta of WeoGeo Tools for ArcGIS. Developed by Zekiah in partnership with WeoGeo, Inc. , WeoGeo Tools is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop that allows users to browse, customize and order geospatial data from WeoGeo Market or hosted libraries. WeoGeo’s product line is available for purchase through Zekiah’s […]