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SaaS Library

WeoGeo SaaS Library helps you discover and leverage your organization's location data. Our data search and integration products increase your efficiency by easing the access and workflow demands of information management. The WeoGeo SaaS Library provides easy and fast integration between your data stores and your operations, allowing you to turn data into knowledge. The Library is infinitely scalable so you can add thousands of files and terabytes of additional digital data at any time and you can access files quickly using any web browser. There is no other software to buy or maintain, so now all your location aware data files can be quickly and easily uploaded into a Library. Our simple and easy-to-use system provides access and integration of all your valuable location-based knowledge wherever it may be within your organization.

How to Purchase

In GSA Advantage!, enter weogeo in the search box to see items we are authorized to resell. Products and ordering information in this Authorized FSS Information Technology Schedule Price list are also available on the GSA Advantage! System. Items can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis, and accounts are available as an individual (3 users), group (5 users), organizational (15 users), or enterprise (50 users).