Interoperable Situational Awareness Systems

Our Approach

Using our expertise in developing custom software applications and geographic information systems, Zekiah has built numerous Situational Awareness Systems. Systems can pull from numerous data sources and delivers the information to decision makers so they can easily see where, when and why so they can make the best possible decisions. Our systems help stem narcotics trafficking, develop contingency plans during disasters, have assisted in clearing waterways after Hurricane Katrina and even protect the President of the United States.

Services have ranged from collecting and organizing disparate data to developing full scale systems that analyze the data and coordinate resources. How does it help you?

  • Puts data into formats that facilitate comprehensive decision making
  • Creates a visual "big picture"
  • Dynamically "see" changes as they occur
  • Enables stakeholders to manage and prioritize large volumes of information
  • More time solving problems -- less time managing information!

Functional Capabilities and Services

  • Data Modeling
  • RDBMS Design and Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)
  • XML Schema and Namespace Design
  • Spatial Data Discovery
  • GIS/RDBMS Integration
  • Development of Data Maintenance Strategies