Infrastructure Analysis and Management Systems

Our Approach

Zekiah develops systems that support the evaluation of critical infrastructure networks and their application to continuity of operations. The systems we create provide an easy to understand “picture” of the risk, threat, vulnerabilities and consequences of attacks or natural disasters. Using this knowledge, decision makers can easily see the effects and the potential solutions. Systems can also identify where infrastructure should be upgraded and where dollars should be invested in order to achieve the greatest return value.

Our systems have been used in real time situations as well as for modeling and simulation. Key to their success is the ability of disparate systems, agencies and departments to work together. Infrastructure networks include energy, water, transportation, communications, information, social, and fuel.

Functional Capabilities and Services

  • GIS Analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Design & Development
  • Methodology Analysis
  • Workflow Modeling
  • Data Collection and Fusion