Geospatial Modeling and Methodology Integration

Our Approach

Zekiah maintains expertise in leading commercial and open-source geospatial technologies in order to provide the most appropriate geospatial analysis and visualization tools for our customers. Our team of geospatial analysts works closely with our developers to to prototype, validate, and automate complex processes to ensure consistent, repeatable results.  

Using this approach, we are able to produce cost savings through faster, reliable results. We specialize in integrating geospatial tools and techniques with traditional information systems in web, desktop, mobile, cloud environments to produce a tight coupling of spatial and non-spatial technologies. Contact us today to learn more about how Zekiah can meet your geospatial needs.

Functional Capabilities and Services

  • System Design/Implementation
    • Requirements Definition
    • System Design
    • System Integration
    • Application Development
    • Spatial Database Design
    • Hosting
  • Spatial Data Support Services
    • Spatial Data Discovery
    • Spatial Data Acquisition
    • Data Creation/Digitizing
    • Geospatial Data Modeling
    • Tile Cache Management
    • Large Scale Geoprocessing
    • Live Feed Integration
  • Mapping/Cartographic Production
    • Hard/Soft Copy Layout Design
    • Large Format Printing
    • Custom Symbology
  • Spatial Analysis
    • Locational and Proximity Analysis
    • Geocoding and Address Matching
    • Network Development and Analysis
    • Spatial Interaction Modeling
    • Density Concentration Analysis