Data Discovery and Collection

Our Approach

The foundation for an effective and scalable information system is a well-designed database. Collaboration between systems, as well as people, is essential for efficient storage and management of information. Zekiah Technologies approaches database design from a simple point of view: information should be stored and maintained where it can be accessed by those who most frequently use it and best understand it. Recognizing that most organizations also need to share their information, Zekiah Technologies designs information systems that share data seamlessly across organizational boundaries by using technologies such as JSON and XML to marshal information in a vendor and platform-neutral manner. We do not forget that most information also has a spatial context, such as an address or other form of location. By leveraging spatial extensions to database platforms such as ESRI's ArcSDE, SpatiaLite, PostGIS, Oracle Spatial and Microsoft's SQL Server, we design and implement data systems that support a wide range of location-based applications using leading relational database platforms.

Functional Capabilities and Services

  • Data Modeling
  • RDBMS Development
  • SQL Programming and Automation
  • XML Schema and Namespace Design
  • XSLT Development
  • Spatial Data Discovery
  • GIS/RDBMS Integration
  • Development of Data Maintenance Strategies